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The 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' is a unique type of hosta. Their large leaves are cupped which can reach a depth of 10cm. Due to the leaves unique behavior of cupping, the powdery grey underside is visible. Righ above the foliages, white flowers will appear in the middle of summer.

Hosta(Abiqua Drinking Gourd)

  • Light: Hostas are known to be a shade perennial, but they grow best when they receive bits of light for a few hours a day. Hostas in the variety of variegated leaves needs exposure to morning sun in order to enhance the yellow coloring. 

    Soil: Well drained soil with rich organic matter that has a acidic pH.

    Water: Keep the soil moist but not drenched. Once the hosta is established, they can tolerate dry soil for a short period of time.

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