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The indian laurel bonsai tree resembles a small tree that is standing on legs. Its most striking features are its exposed thick roots that stay above ground. The best part about growing a bonsai tree is that it requires little maintenance. 

Indian laurel bonsai(fig tree)

  • Light: Your bonsai requires alot of sunlight in order to grow, so indoors place them near a windowsill. If this option is unavailable, you can use artificial plant lights that can help grow the bonsai tree. 

    Soil: The bonsai tree does well in soil with a mix of 60% aggregate and 40% organic matter. You can also buy a premix.

    Water: When the soil gets slightly dry, water thoroughly. Misting the plant every day can be helpful for the plant but make sure the plant is not dripping water or else fungal issues can occur. 

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