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Large Bloom Orchid (comes in a Ceramic Pot) 

Long-lasting blooms - can bloom up to 6 months with proper care!

Orchid (Large)

  • 4.5"

  • Light: Orchids require bright indirect sunlight, so placed next to a window with lots of light is ideal. However, any harsh mid-day sun should be filtered out with curtains.

    Soil: There are specific commercial growing mix made for orchids. Soil with these ingredients are good for orchids: gravel, horticultural charcoal, coconut husk, fir, sequoia bark, perlite, tree fern fiber and clay pellets. 

    Water: Orchids require a moderate amount of moisture. Water whenever the growing medium dries out and never let it soak in water for a long period of time. Typically once a week or even twice a week is sufficient. Watering in the morning is ideal in order for the foliage to dry in the light during the day.

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