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Hydrangeas have immnese giant flower heads that are unrivaled in the shrub world. These beautiful shrubs are easy to cultivate and can tolerate most types of soil where it can produce abundant blooms. A unique characteristic that hydrangeas have is that you can control the color of the hydrangea bloom by adjusting the soils pH levels.


6" Hydrangea (Macrophylla)

  • 6"

  • Light: When hydrangeas dont get enough suinlight it reduces the flower output. They do well in partial shade, particularly when they recieve morning sun and partial shade during the afternoon. They also do well in full sun but will need additional watering sessions.

    Soil: They can tolerate a variety of soil types but grow best in fertile, humus rich soil.

    Water:  To check if your plant needs water, stick your finger in the soil up to the second knuckle. If soil is dry at the fingertips, water until it drains to the bottom. Heat, wind and low humidity can cause your soil to dry out quickly which can lead you to watering the plant as often as twice a day depending on your conditions.

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