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The emerald ripple peperomia is also known as peperomia caperata. These heart shaped leaves with a rippled like texture comes in a dark green and dark red. 

Emerald Ripple (Peperomia)

  • Light: These plants require medium to bright lught in order for the plant to maintain a vibrant foliage color. Not enough light will lead the plant to have fewer leaves while direct sun will burn the leaves.

    Soil: Most peperomia plants are epiphytes. This means that in their natural habitat, these plants will settle nearby a tree and shoot its roots up into a decaying part of the tree. So mimicing these environmental conditions will lead to a healthier peperomia plant(chunky, loose, acidic soil). Typically orchid potting medium can work as well. 

    Water: Just like most succulent plants with their thick leaf like features, they do not require much watering. Allow the soil to become completely dry before watering. Keeping the soil on the dryer side is recommended.

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